A Dire Isle by RV Raman

A Dire Isle by RV Raman (Harith Athreya #2)
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 800 KB

An archeological team is excavating on the banks of the Betwa River near Jhansi. A place where, legend has it, a couple forbidden to marry had run away to be together—forever cursing anyone who dares set foot on the island. When an archeologist defies the myth, the fallout is swift and deadly, the body found exactly as the ancient stories describe. Is the death a result of the ancient curse, or is it a down-to-earth case of murder?

Harith Athreya, an investigator with a vivid imagination, begins to uncover a mystery where the lines between past and present are blurred, reaping a harvest of evidence and motives—theft, plagiarism and a host of other crimes, showing that few of the archaeologists are what or who they appear to be. Will he be able to unravel the truth from legend before the curse strikes again?

The second novel in the internationally acclaimed Harith Athreya series is perfect for fans of riveting classic mysteries by Agatha Christie and films such as Knives Out.

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