Avalon Tower by C.N. Crawford, Alex Rivers

Avalon Tower by C.N. Crawford, Alex Rivers (ePUB) Free Download

Avalon Tower by C.N. Crawford, Alex Rivers
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Avalon Spy Academy rules: spy on the fey, resist falling for your mentor, and try not to die in the process.

I spent five years saving up for a European vacation. But instead of drinking champagne on the beach, I get swept into a war of espionage between the humans and the fey.

It turns out, I have a magic power needed to fight an evil fey king. I’m quickly whisked off to an elite spy academy in a hidden realm. There, in the ancient and gothic halls of Avalon Tower, snobbery and brutal competitions are among the oldest traditions.

As if I didn’t have enough trouble, my new mentor is Raphael Launcelot, a maddeningly sexy demi-fey who already ruined my life once. I can’t fall for him again. Romance is forbidden here; a distracted spy is a dead spy. So I need to push his dangerous allure out of my mind as we travel into the Fey realm. If we get captured, we’ll die horrific deaths–and humanity won’t stand a chance.

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