Conservation by Seth Ring

Conservation by Seth Ring (ePUB) Free Download

Conservation by Seth Ring (Battle Mage Farmer #8)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

For John Sutton, rest is just around the corner.
Soon it will be time to sit on his porch, kick his feet up, and watch his wheat grow. All he has to do first is fight his way through a cutthroat magic competition held once every thousand years, navigating mage politics and an aggressive dragon empire bent on punishing him for Farroutef’s death.

When his journey takes him to a strange new world, John finds himself out of place once again, making him wonder if he should just walk away for good, until an encounter with a local god sets him on a new path, teaching him more about himself than he knew was possible.
Accompanied by his faithful sidekick, Rosh Vahni, John sets out on an adventure that will change his life forever, hopefully for the better.

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