Container Gardening: The Permaculture Way by Valéry Tsimba

Container Gardening: The Permaculture Way by Valéry Tsimba (ePUB) Free Download

Container Gardening: The Permaculture Way: Sustainably Grow Vegetables and More in Your Small Space by Valéry Tsimba
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Anyone, anywhere can grow fresh, healthy produce, foster biodiversity, and reconnect with nature by using the permaculture approach—no matter your space or experience.
Permaculture—rooted in centuries-old techniques for growing food with care for the Earth—is the key to producing a bigger harvest than you ever thought possible on your balcony, patio, driveway, deck, and anywhere in between!

With sustainability as her guiding principle, Valéry Tsimba enthusiastically instructs home gardeners of all skill levels and backgrounds in her proven container gardening methods, from start to finish.

• Use the principles of permaculture to increase your garden’s productivity, biodiversity, and beauty by starting small and going slow.
• Get set up: Pick the best planters and tools for your space and learn how to adapt to natural conditions like wind and sun exposure.
• Increase your harvest naturally with companion planting, small-space composting, chemical-free fertilizers, and staggered harvests.
• Learn which plants are best suited to container gardens, from leafy greens and pollinator-friendly flowers to strawberries and even melons!

Containers make gardening more accessible for everyone. Whether you live in an apartment, have a disability or chronic illness, have never gardened before, or are an experienced gardener new to permaculture, Container Gardening—The Permaculture Way brings sustainable gardening within reach.

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