Courage, Commitment, Faith by Daniel Gibbs

Courage, Commitment, Faith by Daniel Gibbs (Tales from the Coalition Defense Force, Vol. 1)
English | 2023 | Science Fiction | 343 KB

The first volume of sci-fi short stories straight from the Terran Diaspora!
Discover the origins of some of your favorite characters. Witness intense galactic battles from all-new perspectives in one exciting anthology.
Support technician Kenneth Lowe volunteers for a high-dollar job with mysteriously few takers after a crushing breakup. Instead of greener pastures, he finds himself on a desolate planet embedded with a Marine detachment in an epic battle for survival.
Lieutenant Jackson Adams goes undercover to nail a corrupt Coalition officer. But someone else gets to the evidence first, and getting it back from the beautiful thief-for-hire and her silent sidekick will prove more than an adventure.

Major Felix Rothbard’s career hit the skids after rejecting the official narrative that ended Jim Henry’s time in the CDF. When an intelligence recovery mission becomes a desperate extraction, his own position is on the line when he refuses to leave any man behind.

Washed out historian Morton Barley explores the ruins of the derelict medical ship Desmond Doss that suffered a devastating crash without ever firing a shot in battle. He’s determined to solve the mystery of the vanished crew—even if it kills him.
The CSV Zvika Greengold has a new commander since Colonel Terhani’s retirement. But the burden of leadership means more than promotion for Captain Dorva Feldstein—especially when she must send brave men and women out to die.

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