Darkness Runs Deep by Claire McNeel

Darkness Runs Deep by Claire McNeel (ePUB) Free Download

Darkness Runs Deep by Claire McNeel
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

In the darkest hour, a blood-soaked teenager flees the rural Gerandaroo football oval.

Eight months later, Bess, a young teacher, returns home to Gerandaroo. A childhood game of dare with her former best friend forces Bess to form a women’s footy team to play against Denby, a rival town. Bess reluctantly recruits players, but the team has to contend with hostile locals – including Bess’s own father. Will this help the small community to come back together – or will it be the final thing that blows everything apart?

As tensions in the town boil over, so too do resentments and secrets and violence that have been previously held tight and close.

Fiercely told and breathlessly compelling, Darkness Runs Deep is a striking new Australian crime novel about the best and worst of who we are.

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