Dive by Jon Barton

Dive by Jon Barton
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 394 KB

Dive into London’s most dangerous crime scene — the River Thames.

A police diver whose home life is imploding.
A high-flying detective recently thrown out of the CID.
A case that could get them both killed.

Police diver David Cade lives by a simple rule: pull out the bodies and move on. Detective Naomi Harding can’t abide that. All she’s ever wanted is to fight the good fight. But a critical mistake has cost her everything and left her fighting for her career.
Then the body of a dead girl surfaces, bloated and broken, on the Thames. And then another.
Each time David pulls a new victim out of the water, he fears it’s his estranged fifteen-year-old daughter Lex. She went missing after they had a fierce argument and he hasn’t heard from her since.
The dead girls all have the same nightclub stamp on the backs of their hands — the same stamp David’s daughter wore on the day she disappeared.
Then a briefcase is discovered in the same stretch of water where the dead girls were found, and suddenly the higher-ups at CID, including Naomi’s rival, Detective Chief Inspector Shannon Baines, start showing an interest.

Something big is happening.

David and Naomi need to learn to work together if they’re going to solve the murders and find Lex. Then they uncover something that will threaten to blow the case apart — if it doesn’t get them killed first . . .

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