Emperor by Mark August

Emperor by Mark August (Arcane Mercenaries #3)
English | 2023 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy | 515 KB

The Apocalypse approaches. An ancient enemy abandons subterfuge for outright invasion. Grant Gwydian is in the middle of it.
Grant reluctantly accepts his new promotion and must organize the alliance forces against the unstoppable might of the Tul empire. Battlefield losses mount, and Grant struggles to dam the invader’s advance. His magic can’t change the inevitable outcome.

Throwing aside caution, Grant organizes a secretive mission into the heart of the occupied territory. The daring plan uniquely favors his Arcane Mercenaries, and he must race against time before the alliance’s meager defenses collapse.
Can he convince nations to cast aside their differences to confront the threat to their very existence? Will his StarTouched mercenaries be enough to thwart the Apocalypse?

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