Fires of Caprica by Mandy O’Dell

Fires of Caprica by Mandy O’Dell (Tigers of Caprica #1)
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 578 KB

A fever plague burns through Caprica.
And it leaves no survivors.
Until me.
Having worked tirelessly as Dr. Langosa’s assistant put me in the path of the plague, and one of his bizarre experiments saves me from it.
I’m left disfigured, but alive.
During my recovery, I am awakened one night by the roars of the invading tigers. I discover a man across the canal from me, on fire, dying a most painful death.
But I’m not alone. A mysterious boy with the most impossibly green eyes is also watching with a keen interest.
He asks me to call him Jack. But that’s not his name and he is not from Caprica.
Together, we delve deep into the crumbling canals to uncover the secrets of the burning man. But our search only brings us more danger – from the plague, from the tigers, from Caprica itself.
Soon I must make a choice, but the wrong move might land me in flames that I can’t be saved from this time.

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