Flowering by Elizabeth Jaime

Flowering by Elizabeth Jaime (ePUB) Free Download

Flowering: Easygoing Floral Design for Surprising Contemporary Arrangements by Elizabeth Jaime
English | 2024 | Hobbies & Home

A fresh, contemporary flower-arranging book from the Miami-based studio Calma Floral, with foundational tips, flower recipes, and bountiful photography that will teach you how to create irreverent arrangements for any occasion.

Heralding a new era in floral design—one that favors a playful, modern aesthetic and a laidback approach—this guide to creating trend-forward flower arrangements invites you to think outside the box. Learn how to arrange unique, eye-catching bouquets by pairing unexpected combinations and incorporating a variety of elements and textures, such as fresh and dried blooms, rhinestones, fruit, and tropical foliage.

Foundational tips for “flowering” set you up for success, and twenty ​step-by-step recipes (paired with step-by-step photos!) make it easy to design joy-filled floral moments—from a whimsical fountain of troll grass to a mossy mounded centerpiece, a Rococo-inspired piece worthy of Versailles, a suspended cloud of fluffy mimosa, and so much more. A must-have for hobbyists and experienced florists looking for something fresh, Flowering is the essential floral book for today.

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