Good Mourning, Darling by Azalea Crowley

Good Mourning, Darling by Azalea Crowley (ePUB) Free Download

Good Mourning, Darling by Azalea Crowley (Darling Disposition #1)
English | 2024 | Horror

“Oh, darling, if this is how our time together is going to go, I’ve already won.”

Sweet, easy-going Ella Bardot is estranged from her family. Between her autism and fear of dead things, it’s hard to reconnect when her family runs a funeral home.

Charming removal technician, Eugene Graves, is a bit odd. With an unsettling smile, he passes the time with only his shadow as his companion. Every day Eugene must balance the desires of his employer with his own personal vendetta.

When Eugene uncovers a monstrous plot against Ella, he’s tasked with protecting the daughter of his enemy. Ella is desperate to know the secrets surrounding her father, and while Eugene can’t tell her, he’s happy to motivate her inquiry. Eugene doesn’t care for sweets, but Ella may be the exception if his unique appetite has its way.

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