Infinity’s Gateway by James S. Parker

Infinity’s Gateway by James S. Parker
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 1.2 MB

A Navy ship fights to survive an inexplicable event in this action-packed Bermuda Triangle thriller . . .

Every year, all across the planet, people simply vanish, never to be seen again. Some areas of the world are well known for this phenomenon-like the area that would become known as the Bermuda Triangle after the famed Flight 19 incident off the Florida coast in 1945.

Now, in the present day, an unexplainable event has occurred in the same area-an event that cannot be ignored by the military. The Navy ship Eclipse and its crew are sent to investigate, but after several days come up empty. Then, two days before the planned return to port, the event reoccurs, and the Eclipse is caught up in something it cannot escape. The ship and its crew suddenly find themselves completely isolated, all communication lost, surrounded by a terribly hostile environment where each day is a struggle to survive-in this intense, fast-paced novel of self-reliance, mystery, and discovery.

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