Keridwen by Jamie Handling

Keridwen by Jamie Handling
English | 2021 | Fantasy | 726 KB

An unexpected gift. A new adventure. But danger awaits…
On her sixteenth birthday, Caitlyn Brady discovers an oak box containing proof of a secret world. A world of druids who possess magical abilities—and she is one of them.

Sent to a school where she can master her own blessing, she finds herself thrown into the role of a savior, one of only two druids in existence with an extra blessing (or a curse).

Caitlyn realizes that everything she once knew also contained an omission of truth. A truth she would have to learn on her own while searching for a way to protect the druids from the power-hungry rogues.
What begins as an exciting adventure soon requires Caitlyn to develop into a master druid overnight.
But will she be able to unleash her full potential in time to save the druids?

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