Luna City: The Moon by Dean H. Bergevin

Luna City: The Moon by Dean H. Bergevin
English | 2021 | Science Fiction | 435 KB

For Makenna Rainwater, being a pioneering astronaut at NASA’s new base on the Moon is a hard, dangerous job. Then she discovers an alien and must kill a co-worker to protect it. Her life suddenly gets very complicated. Where did the alien come from? Why is it here?

What secrets does it hide? Is it offering humanity great gifts or deadly traps? Is this the beginning of an invasion? Why did her co-worker try to kill her? What about Freddy, her artificial intelligence sidekick?

Will he help her or the alien? Fired from her job at moonbase, accused of murder, and caught in a power struggle between the United States, China, and the alien, Makenna and her friends must find a way to save themselves, the moonbase, and all of humanity from destruction. This truly is lunacy.

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