One Last Breath by P S Cunliffe

One Last Breath by P S Cunliffe (ePUB) Free Download

One Last Breath by P S Cunliffe
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A deadly trap. A ticking clock. How long until she has only one last breath?
Jessie wakes to darkness, cold, and the rain beating down on her. She reaches out, and her hands meet hard stone.

Suddenly she knows where she is. Deep in the woods, far underground, at the bottom of the well where her best friend’s lifeless body was found fifteen years ago. After returning to her hometown to investigate a new murder, she now finds herself poised to become the killer’s next victim.

Jessie gazes up to the circle of night sky above her, the relentless raindrops landing on her face.
She doesn’t know how she came to be here, but she knows that, with the storm getting worse, it’s only a matter of time before the well begins to fill with water. Can she make it out before it’s too late? And what will be waiting for her on the surface if she does?

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