Oracle by Craig A. Falconer

Oracle by Craig A. Falconer (ePUB) Free Download

Oracle by Craig A. Falconer
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

With Oracle in your pocket, the future is yours to claim…
When Judy Fletcher’s life is at its lowest ebb, she jumps at the chance to trial a truly next-gen digital assistant.

Oracle promises to change everything.
By harnessing live and historical data from billions of users’ messages, habits and even real-world conversations, there is almost nothing the app can’t do.

As Judy’s life immediately changes for the better, she feels empowered like never before.
She comes to trust the app’s instincts over her own, leaning on the power of big data to give her the upper hand in every interaction.
But with each decision it nudges her towards, Oracle is taking hold…

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