Radio Silent by T.E. Robins

Radio Silent by T.E. Robins (Paige Turner Mysteries #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller

A woman gone in broad daylight.
A damaged family.
Malicious gossip.
Growing up in the small town of Oak Junction, Paige and Leila didn’t have everything, but they did have each other.
With a fragile mother and much-older siblings the two girls relied on each other. Until the day Leila didn’t come home from school.

With the pain of never seeing her sister again, and a family who couldn’t talk about it, Paige left for the city to pursue a career in journalism and tell Leila’s story.
But things in the city aren’t working out so well. Paige can’t fully commit to her writing. She doesn’t have the guts to tell the person she’s in love with how she feels, and her family maintains a polite-but-distant relationship.
When another young woman goes missing from Paige’s hometown and gossip starts to swirl again, can Paige step up, lean in, investigate and in so doing, get her own life back on track?

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