Red Exile: Getaway by Tim L. Rey

Red Exile: Getaway by Tim L. Rey (Mysteries Of Mars #1)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 433 KB

Mars, sand refinery, 2102. As colonist Jimmy Ray wants to secure a harvester from a fatal sandstorm, he collapses due to foreign memories. His colleague Malika saves his life at the last moment—in a heroic act.
At the infirmary, he makes an astounding discovery, so he starts to doubt the health program of his employer. Why is medication given weekly to the colonists? And why does he only vaguely remember the time before his flight to Mars? Is he truly a volunteer for this dangerous mission?

Together Jimmy and Malika flee the refinery to find the truth—but soon they don’t know what’s more dangerous: their employer, the lost memories, or the relentlessness of the Red Planet . . .

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