Secondhand Starship by Rachel Aukes

Secondhand Starship by Rachel Aukes (ePUB) Free Download

Secondhand Starship by Rachel Aukes (Secondhand Spaceman #2)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Can you hit rock bottom in space?
Frank’s a rookie space repo man struggling to get by in the cutthroat world of reclamation. As if dealing with creditors isn’t hard enough, there are the ruthless repo agents like Krallix who swipes Frank’s latest haul and turns his trusty ship, Fetch, into a floating scrap heap.

With his life on the line, Frank’s survival depends on his somewhat questionable cleverness, a ship that’s seen better days, and a bizarre alien slime he never should’ve laid hands on. Can Frank survive long enough to reclaim his haul?
Join Frank on this cosmic rollercoaster of mishaps, mayhem, and alien goo gone wild.

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