Seen to Be Believed by Louisa Scarr

Seen to Be Believed by Louisa Scarr (Butler & West #4)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.4 MB

Nothing is as it seems, for Butler and West.
One spring evening, a mother and her children are brutally attacked in their home. The unprovoked and violent assault leaves DS Robin Butler and DC Freya West in the dark – the luxury items were left untouched and there is no apparent motive.

The investigation’s only lead is Andrew Grace, the husband who was not home at the time. He and his business partner have created unique virtual reality software which is valuable and extremely dangerous in the wrong hands. Robin and Freya are stonewalled by uncooperative witnesses at every turn but when a woman linked to the work of Andrew and his co-founder is kidnapped, the need for progress becomes critical.

Failure to solve the case will result in murder. Meanwhile, Robin and Freya’s unresolved feelings have come to the surface and they must finally face facts. But is it too late? In a case where nothing is as it seems, are Robin and Freya doomed to never find the truth?

A tense and thrilling instalment of the Butler & West series that fans of Cara Hunter, Jane Casey and Susie Steiner will love.

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