Sherlock’s Sisters by Nick Rennison

Sherlock’s Sisters by Nick Rennison (Editor)
English | 2020 | Mystery & Thriller | eBook | 3.5 MB

Sherlock Holmes was the most famous detective to stride through the pages of late Victorian and Edwardian fiction, but he was not the only one. He had plenty of rivals. Some of the most memorable of these were women: they were “Sherlock’s Sisters.”

This exciting, unusual anthology gathers together 15 stories written by women or featuring female detectives. His latest anthology turns the spotlight on the women detectives who could more than match their male counterparts.

Madame Duchesne’S Garden Party By Elizabeth Burgoyne Corbett
The Redhill Sisterhood By Catherine Louisa Pirkis
Mr Bovey’S Unexpected Will By Lt Meade And Robert Eustace
The Adventures Of A Lady Pearl-Broker By Beatrice Heron-Maxwell
The Haverstock Hill Murder By George R Sims
The Dope Fiends By Arthur B Reeve
The Long Arm By Mary E Wilkins
The Fifth Customer And The Copper Key By Fergus Hume
Eavesdropping At Interlaken By Richard Marsh
Sir Penn Caryll’S Engagement By Lt Meade And Robert Eustace
The Woman In The Big Hat By Baroness Emma Orczy
The Man With Nine Lives By Hugo Cosgro Weir
An Intangible Clue By Anna Katharine Green
The Stir Outside The Café Royal By Clarence Rook
The Episode Of The Needle That Did Not Match By Grant Allen

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