Sophie is Still Missing by Joan Fallon

Sophie is Still Missing by Joan Fallon
English | 2021 | Mystery & Thriller | 311 KB

Both lighthearted and serious, this intricate mystery, Sophie is still Missing, delves into the shadowy world of the Costa Del Sol, people trafficking and modern slavery.

Jacaranda Dunne—known to everyone as JD—is an ex-Metropolitan police officer who has moved to Málaga to open a detective agency. At first the work is fairly routine, missing dogs, stolen passports, unfaithful husbands, etc. Then one day a woman comes into the agency and wants her to find her missing daughter. Sophie and her best friend, Julie, both aged fourteen, had disappeared the previous summer, but an extensive police search failed to find them. Then, during Holy Week, Julie’s body was found, at the feet of a statue of the Virgin Mary, but now the police have closed the case. Sophie’s distraught parents want JD to investigate the disappearance of their daughter.

But has too much time passed? Is the girl still alive? And more to the point, how can JD find her when the police have failed to do so?

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