Tess Monaghan by Laura Lippman

Tess Monaghan by Laura Lippman (Mysterious Profiles)
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 1.2 MB

The New York Times–bestselling author of Hush Hush interviews the lead character of her hit series.
In 1997, the character of Tess Monaghan debuted in Laura Lippman’s detective novel, Baltimore Blues. The book launched the bestselling series that continues to delight readers decades later. But who exactly is Theresa Esther Weinstein Monaghan when she’s not tackling troublesome cases?

In this fictional article, author Laura Lippman takes you to Baltimore where she speaks with the accidental detective herself to find out what makes her tick. You’ll learn about Tess’s parents and her childhood. You’ll hear from her longtime boyfriend Edward “Crow” Ransome, as well as her lifelong best friend, Whitney Talbot. Lippman shares what daily life is like for the tough PI. Soon, you’ll discover why readers can’t get enough of Tess.

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