The Ambassador’s Wife by Roberta Gately

The Ambassador’s Wife by Roberta Gately (ePUB) Free Download

The Ambassador’s Wife by Roberta Gately
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

After a whirlwind romance, she still has much to learn about her new ambassador husband—and about the fate of his predecessor’s wife . . .

At thirty-five, Nora Buckbee fears she’s destined for a lonely, single life. Then she meets handsome State Department employee John Fielding. They marry quickly—and next thing she knows she’s moving to Thailand with him, where he’ll be serving as ambassador.

It’s an exciting adventure—for a while. Then she learns that the last ambassador’s wife disappeared without a trace, and there seems to be little interest in learning what happened. John, who’s often away on secret missions—odd, she thinks, for an emissary—seems as unfazed by the mystery as everyone else. But when Nora starts volunteering for the same group with whom the last wife worked, she begins to realize that nothing here is as it appears to be . . . including her new husband. Determined to peel away the layers of lies and secrets that surround her, Nora finds herself in a race to discover the truth. But can she figure it out before she meets the same fate as the previous wife?

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