The Anti-Processed Air Fryer Cookbook by Heather Thomas

The Anti-Processed Air Fryer Cookbook by Heather Thomas (ePUB) Free Download

The Anti-Processed Air Fryer Cookbook: Ditch ultra-processed food with these 90 speedy recipes by Heather Thomas
English | 2024 | Food & Cooking

From healthy breakfast options to delicious family favourite meals, snacks and desserts, The Anti-Processed Air Fryer Cookbook has simple recipes to satisfy every craving.

With 90 recipes to revolutionise your cooking and improve your overall health, this cookbook offers less processed versions of snacks, meals and nutritious fakeaways. It is the perfect cookbook for any home cook who wants to do away with UPFs in favour of eating real food, but with quick, fuss-free and inexpensive recipes. From meals and snacks like vegetable crisps, fish and chips and spaghetti and meatballs, to recipe basics like bread, you can enjoy all your favourites without concern of consuming heavily processed foods.

Embrace the air fryer revolution and say hello to a healthier, simpler way of cooking!

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