The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils by Bevin Cohen

The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils: Growing, Foraging, and Pressing by Bevin Cohen
English | 2022 | Food & Cooking | 21 MB

Press your own right at home – homemade oils for cooking and health.

The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils is a comprehensive, beautifully illustrated and photographed, full-color guide to growing, foraging, and pressing nut and seed crops to produce high-quality oils for culinary and other uses.

Coverage includes:
• A brief history of seed oil extraction
• Culinary and health benefits of home-pressed oils versus factory produced oils
• Presses and other equipment options for ease, cost, and convenience
• How-to for growing, harvesting, processing, and pressing nuts and seeds
• Profiles of over 40 nuts and seeds to grow, forage, or source including hempseed, flax, peanuts, sunflowers, walnuts, okra, and more.
• Oil processing, storage, and culinary and other uses
• Scaling up for community or small-scale commercial production.

Whether you want to produce oils for cooking, balms and salves, self-sufficiency and resiliency or for small-scale commercial or community production, The Complete Guide to Seed and Nut Oils is a one-stop shop to get you started.

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