The Dead Don’t Dream by Meghan O’Flynn

The Dead Don’t Dream by Meghan O’Flynn (Mind Games #1)
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 11 MB

A night to remember… if you make it out alive.

Psychologist Maggie Connolly didn’t just stumble into trouble—she was born into it. Her humanitarian but slightly shady parents had no problem breaking the law when it served the greater good. Helping domestic violence victims escape their abusers by vanishing them over state lines might not be exactly aboveboard, but Maggie knows right and wrong don’t always fall within the confines of the law.

So she doesn’t immediately panic when her newest client presents with a suspicious set of symptoms. Tristan Simms claims to be a sleepwalker who has no idea what he does in the nighttime hours, though the wounds on his hands and grime beneath his fingernails indicate he’s doing anything but resting. He also believes that the police are stalking him and asserts that he made his money peddling the secrets of others. He might be a delusional whack job—it’s a clinical term.
But her assessment shifts when a series of bodies are discovered. Stranger, the timeline for the murders matches that of her patient’s sleepwalking episodes.

With the body count rising, and threats mounting from all sides, Maggie is running out of choices—and time. It seems that Maggie’s next on the kill list. And only one thing connects the victims: her patient, with his head full of secrets, his fingernails dark with blood.

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