The First Cut by Trevor Negus

The First Cut by Trevor Negus (ePUB) Free Download

The First Cut by Trevor Negus (DI Danny Flint #12)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Two killers. Two victims. But nothing is as it seems…
A seventy-year-old man, Lionel Wickes, is murdered outside his own home as he tries to stop a thief stealing his car.
A second body is discovered in the centre of Nottingham and again there are suspicious circumstances. The victim, Randall Clements, has died of head injuries.

A wealth of forensic evidence found at the scene of the second murder quickly leads DCI Danny Flint and the MCIU to a suspect. Craig Stevens, a man with a long history of violence, is arrested and charged with the murder of Randall Clements.
Danny is then free to concentrate all his efforts into finding the killer of Lionel Wickes. Until a possible link between the two murders comes to light which leads him to have serious doubts about the guilt of Craig Stevens.
Danny finds himself facing a solitary battle to prevent a horrifying miscarriage of justice which he himself may have caused.
But nothing is at it seems as Danny desperately fights to uncover the truth in what may be the most complex and shocking case of his entire career.

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