The Forgotten Girls by Cate Anderson

The Forgotten Girls by Cate Anderson
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 490 KB

Everyone is hiding a secret. Including me.

The last thing I want to be doing on the coldest day of the year is sleeping rough on the streets of Plymouth. When a young woman approaches me and says she knows of a place where I can have a bed and a hot meal, I’m quick to agree. And that’s how I end up at the House of Stars.

The house is run by Jupiter, who gives all his girls and clients codenames. When he finds out I’m young and untouched, he names me Virgo. He says he’ll take care of me, because he has very special plans for me. One of his clients is going to pay a lot of money to have me for the night. Apparently he has… singular tastes. Jupiter says Sirius is young, handsome, and sensual. And one night with him will make me very rich. Jupiter has me bathed, prepared, and dressed for the Valentine’s Day party. I’m to spend the evening as Sirius’s plus-one, before he finally takes me upstairs to the Midnight Room.

But a darkness lies beneath the glitzy chandeliers and flowing champagne. There are rumours of screams in the night, and graves on the moors. Everyone is hiding a secret. Nothing is as it seems.

Fortunately, neither am I.

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