The Starter Wife by Rowen Chambers

The Starter Wife by Rowen Chambers
English | 2023 | Mystery & Thriller | 306 KB

She was the perfect wife. Until he no longer needed her.
When Lauren met Steven, she was instantly drawn to his charm, sophistication, and drive to succeed. But soon after their wedding, the loving, affectionate man she fell in love with became cold and controlling.
Twelve years later, Lauren’s desperate to free herself from her husband. So when she finds herself bedridden after a car accident, she devises a plan to finally get him out of her life.

She hires a live-in nurse. Young, beautiful, and easily manipulated, Hannah couldn’t be more perfect. Just as Lauren predicted, Hannah instantly falls for Steven’s charm and allure, unaware that it’s all an act.
Hannah doesn’t know the real Steven. Nobody does. But they will soon.

It’s the perfect plan. Steven will finally get what he deserves and Lauren will have her freedom.
Except Steven has a plan too. One that’s much darker… and started the day he met her.

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