Tropic Descent by Nate Van Coops

Tropic Descent by Nate Van Coops (ePUB) Free Download

Tropic Descent by Nate Van Coops (Archangel Aviation #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Luke Angel is on a routine cargo flight in the Bahamas, anticipating an icy beer waiting for him on the far side, but when a distress call diverts him into a watery landing in the turquoise Caribbean waters, he ends up with a dead pilot and a mysterious unconscious woman on his hands.
The island town of Hooper’s Haven is a refuge for the wealthy and glamorous.
And their secrets.

When his passenger disappears from the local hospital, Luke has more questions than answers about who she really is. Torn between his desire to bug out ahead of deteriorating weather, and his duty to see his passenger safely home, he finds himself walking a knife edge of danger.
Someone has buried their secrets deep in Hooper’s Haven and the more Luke digs, the more likely he is to be the one to end up in the ground. A killer has struck twice and has the whole island running scared. But Luke Angel never runs when he can fly. And now he’s throttling up for a dogfight.

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