Ventura Starway by J.S. Morin

Ventura Starway by J.S. Morin (Black Ocean: Mirth & Mayhem #6)
English | 2022 | Science Fiction | 790 KB

You can buy anything you need, but the best stuff isn’t for sale.

Operating in the uninhabited, the unexplored, and the uncharted systems of the Milky Way is a permanent swap meet. An ever-changing fleet of nomads, traders, and criminals follows a central ship that acts as common ground, a place of commerce, and a hub of nomad life.

Ventura Convoy.

When Chuck gets bored of shopping for diapers, cereal, and used electronics and Brad stumbles into a mysterious stranger, they each come up with a plan to pull a heist and make the trip worthwhile. It doesn’t take long before a simple resupply trip becomes the crime of the century.

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