Wealth Wisdom for Everyone by Mark H. Daniell, Karin Sixl-daniell

Wealth Wisdom for Everyone: An Easy-to-Use Guide to Personal Financial Planning and Wealth Creation by Mark H. Daniell, Karin Sixl-daniell
English | 2022 | Business & Money | 13 MB

Wealth Wisdom for Everyone provides a practical and easy to read introduction to the management of family income, expenditure and investment. As a part of the Raffles Wealth and Legacy Series of books, and as a guidebook for an introductory course by the same name on the Raffles Legacy and Leadership e-learning site, Wealth Wisdom provides a simple and clear description of how to manage family finances — from budgeting to setting and tracking your own investment plans.
Simple, practical and clear, this book can serve to inform all members of the family, even those with no prior experience in family financial planning or investment, on what they need to know to get control over their own financial situation. Starting from the beginning, with a practical approach to assembling essential documents, and ending with a description of various investments a wealthy family may want to consider, the approach provided here can both lead to a greater degree of understanding and allow for better control of family wealth. The book, and accompanying course, provide you with the knowledge and practical tools you need to make sure that you control your wealth successfully over time.
As they say, if you don’t control your wealth, it will control you!

Wealth Wisdom for You:
Your Wealth Check
Your Wealth Objectives
Your Wealth Wisdom Plan
Cultural Aspects of Personal Finance
Income and Expenditure:
The Budget Process
Income Expectations and Career Management
Transportation and Vehicle Purchase
Credit Cards and Consumer Finance
Educational Finance
Charity and Philanthropy
Savings and Investment
Making it Work for You
Savings and Investments:
Overview and Asset Allocation
Cash and Deposits
Your Own Business
Bonds and Money Market Instruments
Mutual Funds
Foreign Currencies
Gold and Commodities
Arts and Antiques
Private Equity
Derivatives, Options and Hedges
Planning for the Unexpected
Making it Work for You
Life Changes:
Marriage And Divorce
Children and Multi-generational Families
Wealth and Health
Estate Planning

Readership: Essential Learning for all members of Ultra High Net Worth families and their advisors, and readers interested in learning to manage their personal finance.

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