Where Is She? by Marlene Ridgway

Where Is She? by Marlene Ridgway
English | 2022 | Mystery & Thriller | 1 MB

Why did I lie?
I hadn’t planned on lying. When that stranger handed me the journal and looked at me with his big, desperate eyes, I wasn’t planning anything. I intended to give it to whoever asked for it. This wasn’t some elaborate plan or a scheme. I just didn’t open my mouth. It was like my mind decided without me that I should hang on to it.

ll Maggie wanted to do was photograph an old bridge and avoid thinking about the recent death of her mother. What she wasn’t planning to find by the Mississippi riverside was a dying man, left for dead, shoving a mysterious journal at her with blood-covered hands. What she really wasn’t planning to do was stash the journal and lie to the police about it, nevermind read it.

Page after page, Maggie is drawn into the complicated life of Cassie, a single mother from a complicated past, who’s now intertwined with a prominent crime family in Minneapolis. What begins as a distant threat on paper — a distraction — becomes horrifyingly real when Maggie discovers that someone is following her.

In a race against a dangerous family whose powerful grip reaches across the city, Maggie and an unexpected companion search for answers about the dying man and Cassie’s involvement. The question is, where is she?

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