A Cuckoo in Winter by Amy Cross

A Cuckoo in Winter by Amy Cross (ePUB) Free Download

A Cuckoo in Winter by Amy Cross
English | 2024 | Horror

On a cold winter’s day, five young girls head out into the forest.
A few hours later, six of them return.
Trapped in a nightmare, the girls frantically try to work out what’s real and what’s fake. They know that one of them must be an impostor, but they also remember each other. Have they been given false memories? What kind of force from the forest could possibly enter their heads and make them remember something that never happened? Or have they fallen victim to something even darker, to something more malevolent than they could ever have imagined?

Many years later, in a candlelit restaurant, the horrifying truth finally emerges… but is it too late for the surviving girls to save themselves? Is the cuckoo finally going to get exactly what it has always wanted, and what it has been waiting for since the day it first saw the five of them in the forest?

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