All The Lies We Told by KJ Reed

All The Lies We Told by KJ Reed (ePUB) Free Download

All The Lies We Told by KJ Reed
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

If your sister went missing and her abductor started sending you clues… what would you do?

When Ellie’s twin Freya goes missing, Ellie will do anything in her power to save her. But the police are convinced there’s no foul play.
They don’t know about the ghosts, secrets and lies lurking in the family’s past. After all, the fire changed everything but they’ve never told another living soul outside the family what really happened that night.

So when Ellie starts receiving messages from her sister’s abductor, and she realises just how much danger Freya is in, she doesn’t tell the police. She decides to face them alone.
Will Ellie be able to outrun the lies of their past and save her sister?
Or will all the lies they told take another life?

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