Among Thorns and Stardust by Various

Among Thorns and Stardust by Various (ePUB) Free Download

Among Thorns and Stardust by Various
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The sky was never the limit.
What if Snow White lived in a virtual world where the lines of reality are too blurred? What if Cinderella’s ugly step-sister was half made of metal and springs? What if Sleeping Beauty slipped into a hundred years of cryo sleep?

Seven authors join forces to reimagine your favorite fairy tales as new sci-fi adventures filled with space, tech, magic, charm, and of course: happily ever afters.

Into the Arms of Morpheus By Amy Johnson
Everything Made Beautiful By Dawn Christine Jonckowski
Skyscraper By Hayley Anderton
Aliandra By Destiny Eve
Stardust and Steel By Meri Benson
Just a Byte By Marie Sinadjan
Wild Swan Chase By Meghan Tomlinson

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