An Aura of Mystery by Joy Ellis

An Aura of Mystery by Joy Ellis (ePUB) Free Download

An Aura of Mystery by Joy Ellis
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Flower shop owner Ellie McEwan is driving home late one frosty November night when a shadowy figure leaps into the road out of nowhere. Ellie swerves to avoid him — and slams head-on into the crash barrier.
Days later, Ellie wakes up in hospital — and notices there’s something different. Everyone she looks at — the doctor, the nurse, her friend Carole — is surrounded by a coloured aura. Her near-death experience seems to have given her a new ability.

And now Ellie must use her new-found gift to catch a killer.
The battered body of a young woman is found in the grounds of a local hotel. She’s the third woman to be murdered in this sleepy Surrey village, her hands crushed and mutilated. Just like the other two.

Each of the women was a skilled professional — a musician, a doctor and an artist. Apart from that, they appear to have nothing in common.
And now the police’s one lead — a key witness — is missing.
Although sceptical, a desperate DCI Bob Foreman calls on Ellie for help. But Ellie’s involvement in the investigation will throw her into the path of a brutal killer . . .

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