Blood and Sand by JJ Marsh

Blood and Sand by JJ Marsh (ePUB) Free Download

Blood and Sand by JJ Marsh (Run and Hide #5)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A vida vivida com medo é uma meia vida: life lived in fear is a half life
Seven years she’s been on the run. Seven years of looking over her shoulder, trusting no one and living a half life. Enough is enough. The only way to stop this relentless hunt is for prey to turn predator.
This time hair dye and coloured contacts will not suffice. Penetrating the heart of the clan requires a total transformation, inside and out. When everything is in place, Ursula Brown travels to the west coast of India with one aim. No matter how long it takes, she will seek and destroy her enemy.

Goa, as well known for its laid-back lifestyle and spiritual vibe as for its blissful beaches should not be the place for organised crime to flourish. Yet flourishing it is, to the resentment of the locals. Ursula makes unexpected allies, from prostitutes to socialites, whose well meaning assistance can be dangerous.
The organisation she intends to rout is a shadow of its former self. Even so, the same pair of hands remains at the tiller. Mama Bear, aka Dolores Vargas, notorious for ripping up the rule book, is systematically taking over paradise.
Ursula must face her nemesis, woman to woman. This is the end game and the stakes could not be higher.
May the best woman win.

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