Champion Thinking by Simon Mundie

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Champion Thinking: How to Find Success Without Losing Yourself by Simon Mundie
English | 2024 | Self Help

Simon Mundie, host of The Life Lessons podcast, draws on interviews with some of the world’s sporting legends to redefine how we understand – and pursue – success through 8 key lessons.

As the sports reporter for BBC Radio 1 for the best part of a decade, Simon Mundie was pitch-side at many of the most high-profile sporting events in history. It was often thrilling, but the emphasis always seemed to be on results, tactics and the score. But as the saying goes, sport is a metaphor for life – so Simon set out to explore that.

Drawing on interviews with sporting legends from Jonny Wilkinson to Kate Richardson-Walsh, Caitlyn Jenner to Goldie Sayers, along with psychologists, philosophers and world-renowned thinkers, Simon shares some of the tools and techniques that sportspeople have embraced to grow and evolve. From developing emotional intelligence to the power of true acceptance and the joy of getting in flow, he explores eight universal themes that are highlighted in sport, but that are all too easily overlooked.

What can the careers of Gaël Monfils and Andy Murray teach us about exploring our potential? What can England’s Olympic gold-medal winning hockey team teach us about the power of being truly selfless? Wise and inspiring, Champion Thinking illustrates that the contentment we are all looking for isn’t somewhere ‘out there’ – it’s actually so close that we tend to overlook it.

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