Death in a Lonely Place by Stig Abell

Death in a Lonely Place by Stig Abell (ePUB) Free Download

Death in a Lonely Place by Stig Abell (Jake Jackson #2)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

A beautifully written new crime thriller you won’t want to miss!
In a quiet village, darkness is closing in…
A rural paradise…
Detective Jake Jackson moved to the countryside for a quieter life. And he finally seems to have his wish – spending his days immersed in nature, and his evenings lazing by the fire.

A terrifying secret…
But the return of an old case shatters the calm, and pulls him into the shadowy world of a secretive group serving the extravagant whims of the elite.
An enemy closes in…
As the web around Jake tightens, he must determine who he can really trust in his small community. Or else he will learn just how far the elite will go to protect their secrets.

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