Dig Two Graves by Craig Schaefer

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Dig Two Graves by Craig Schaefer (Daniel Faust #11)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Daniel Faust is back from hell and out for blood. He has a new face and a deadly mission: to find the tiger-queen Naavarasi and his own traitorous brother, and put them both six feet underground.
But when Naavarasi’s shape-shifting minions abduct one of Daniel’s own, it’s time for a desperate rescue. With his demonic lover Caitlin and his precocious apprentice Melanie, he follows a thread of nonexistent airlines, ghostly packages, and urban legends all the way to Springfield, a small town with big secrets.

A small town where everything closes at sundown and people are warned not to go out after dark. A small town where the library offers books written by authors who never existed, and the locals seem to be acting out parts assigned by an invisible director. There’s only one way into Springfield. There’s no easy way out. And as the fabric of reality begins to warp and change all around them, Daniel and company will have to learn a new set of rules if they want to survive and put an end to Naavarasi’s twisted design.

This is a rescue mission, but there’s more at stake than a single life. The consequences are cosmic. He’s gunning for a pair of heads tonight but before his work is done, Daniel Faust may have to drop enough bodies to fill a graveyard.

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