Don’t Let Her In by Joanne Ryan

Don’t Let Her In by Joanne Ryan (ePUB) Free Download

Don’t Let Her In by Joanne Ryan
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

The letters drop onto every doormat…
Lena just moved to Mandalay Close. She needed a new start, since her boyfriend cheated her out of the happy-ever-after she’d believed they were always going to share.

But on the day Lena moves in, letters begin to arrive for all her new neighbours. Letters that promise to expose everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets. Every house has received one – except for Lena’s.
Someone clearly wants to implicate her, to ruin her new life and turn everyone against her. She’s made an enemy, but who, and why? Everyone seems so nice, so trustworthy. So normal.

As more bad things happen and her life rapidly spins out of control, Lena finds herself unable to believe this is happening to her. After all, she’s not a bad person. Though she does have secrets of her own, secrets that she’s not willing to share with anyone…

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