Doomsday Recon by Ryan Williamson, Jason Anspach

Doomsday Recon by Ryan Williamson, Jason Anspach (ePUB) Free Download

Doomsday Recon by Ryan Williamson, Jason Anspach
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

U.S. Cav Trooper Nephi Bennett’s Humvee went from Panama to hell in the blink of an eye. Now he needs to find his way back home. If he can live that long.
The year is 1989. America has just invaded Noriega’s Panama. And Specialist Bennett’s platoon of Cav Scouts are in country… with, frankly, not a whole lot to do.
Until the freak rainstorm that somehow transports the entire platoon—Humvees, weapons, and all—to another world. A world controlled by a wicked Aztec god.

The Land of the Black Sun.
In a heartbeat, the Scouts find themselves fighting for their lives against savage beasts, witches, zombies, subhuman tribes seeking sacrifices… and even themselves. Fuel runs low, ammo grows scarce, and their only allies are a tribe of all-female warriors and a single fledgling sorceress with a decidedly mean streak.
But the fun has only just begun. Things in the Land of the Black Sun are about to become far more dangerous than Specialist Bennett could have ever imagined. For an ancient evil awaits…
… and Bennett and his fellow Cav troopers will meet it with BLOOD and STEEL.

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