Double Jeopardy by Stephen Penner

Double Jeopardy by Stephen Penner (ePUB) Free Download

Double Jeopardy by Stephen Penner (Rain City #4)
English | 2024 | Mystery & Thriller

Murder. Lies. Corruption. Welcome to Rain City.
A young man, Michael, dies while in custody at the county jail. The authorities claim it was a heart attack.
His mom thinks it was murder.
Attorney Daniel Raine agrees to take the case, suing the jail for wrongful death. But no one will talk about what happened in Michael’s cell on that fateful night. The guards claim they saw nothing and there’s no surveillance video.

Raine starts to dig and soon discovers that the dead man wasn’t just a petty criminal. He was an informant for a narcotics detective who is trying to take down a drug cartel.
Now Raine and his erstwhile partner, Rebecca Sommers, must unravel the mystery. Did someone order Michael’s murder? And if so, was it the cartel?
Or was it one of the good guys?

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