Enemy Unbound by Kevin Partner

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Enemy Unbound by Kevin Partner (Enemy Unseen #2)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

The world has been breached. Monstrous creatures from a hellish parallel universe are pouring through interdimensional rifts, unleashing an apocalyptic nightmare of tooth, claw, and unspeakable horror upon our reality.
As the vicious “scorpion” beasts and ravenous “squid” swarm across the land, Nate Carver and his daughter Sophie find themselves struggling for survival in a waking apocalyptic dream. Their desperate journey leads them to a government-controlled safe zone in Denver, one of the last pockets of human resistance.

But the fragile sanctuary soon faces total annihilation from a new, utterly terrifying alien threat – a breed of intelligent, tactical commanders directing the interdimensional invasion. Now Nate and Sophie’s only hope may rest in recovering a scientist’s research that could help locate and seal the interdimensional rifts from the other side.

Can they deliver this vital intelligence to those who can exploit it before the nightmarish forces from beyond complete their domination? The fate of humanity itself may hinge on their ability to outrun the relentless alien predators in this high-stakes, suspense-fueled tale of apocalyptic horror.

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