Enlightened by Annemarie Heckert

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Enlightened: Seven Chakras to Self-Discovery by Annemarie Heckert
English | 2024 | Self Help

World-renowned Medium Annemarie Heckert leads readers on a healing journey through the chakras in her debut book, Enlightened.

Bringing her prodigious clairvoyance skills to bear on the subject of emotional healing, Annemarie offers a unique look at the role of the chakras in affecting how grief and trauma is stored in our bodies. Enlightened takes readers through each of the seven chakras, revealing their unique function and meaning.

Born with the ability to communicate with angels and spirits, Annemarie is a highly sought-after Medium whose deeply insightful readings help clients connect with their guardian angels and deceased loved ones for clarity, comfort, and guidance. She pairs her clairvoyance with her deep knowledge of the chakra system to provide clients with incredibly unique and comprehensive spiritual counseling.

Now, drawing from over 25,000 consultations performed to date, Annemarie shares a selection of unforgettable client stories to give readers a glimpse into her life as a clairvoyant and provide unique lessons on spiritual development. With humor and grace, Enlightened introduces readers to Annemarie’s gifts, and opens them up to the possibilities of their own Heavenly connections.

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