Forward Crisis by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa

Forward Crisis by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (ePUB) Free Download

Forward Crisis by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (Galaxy Bridge Series #4)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Tis the season—for Kin.
Christmas is in full swing aboard Joint Base Sagittarius Arch, and Colonel Mateo Larra is enjoying the familial festivities. Garlands are hung, cookies are baked, and relationships with his sons have never been better as the reunited family gathers to celebrate.
But galactic war never takes a holiday.

In one bone-shattering instant, the Arch comes to a sudden stop—all operations and communications systems dead in the water. Backup systems fail and the reactor that powers the station threatens a meltdown. The bad news only gets worse. Without power, the Arch begins drifting toward explosive atmospheric reentry.

Promising nothing short of Armageddon.
With millions of lives at stake, Mateo must set aside concern for his family’s welfare to once again face down an enemy who just won’t quit.
An adversary who won’t stop until the galaxy is devoid of all biological life.

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