Forward Hunt by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa

Forward Hunt by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (ePUB) Free Download

Forward Hunt by Daniel Gibbs, Steve Rzasa (Galaxy Bridge #2)
English | 2024 | Science Fiction

Enemies crouch at the door, seeking to devour.
The Kin have slinked away to lick their wounds, but Colonel Mateo Larra remains ever vigilant about protecting those aboard Joint Base Sagittarius Arch. Patrols scour the galaxy for their nesting place. Space station security is doubled, and the diplomatic dance with the League of Sol heats up.
But as the top brass are quick to remind him, the show must go on.

If he didn’t have enough on his plate, Colonel Larra is tasked with babysitting the production of the popular holovid series War Patrol. What he didn’t count on was seeing more than one familiar face among the crew.
Rising like a ghost from the grave.

Father and prodigal son are scarcely reunited before tensions flare. The feud deepens when locally hired set crews turn up dead, cut down by a stealthy and vicious new enemy. Attempts at capture prove futile as the murder spree becomes a blood bath. But when his loved ones are targeted, Colonel Larra must choose between duty and family.
Before all he holds dear is lost.

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