Freeset by Sarina Dahlan

Freeset by Sarina Dahlan (ePUB) Free Download

Freeset by Sarina Dahlan (The Four Cities #3)
English | 2024 | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Sequel to the #1 bestseller Reset, Freeset is an intricate sci-fi story about found family, building hope, and learning to trust your inner voice.

Can true love break you free?
When calamity destroyed most of humanity, the Four Cities survived by carefully predicting and meticulously controlling everything in the survivors’ lives—even love. As part of this new normal, every four years the citizens face down Tabula Rasa, a process that wipes away their memories of each other.
But nothing can be controlled completely, and love will always strive to be free.

A brave handful of Dreamers, aided by Eleanor the Crone, have repeatedly managed to find each other again after Tabula Rasa, proving that the desire to connect is eternal. Scientist Aris and musician Metis, star-crossed lovers, have found each other again … along with a clue to a hidden library that could contain the memories erased by Tabula Rasa.
At long last, there is a chance for a brave, free, new world—if they can escape before the next reset.

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